for: meso digital interiors

The FiFa WM Globe was first installed in Berlin in June 2003 and was travelling for the next 3 years through those german cities that would host worldcup games in 2006. Its interior was designed by scenographers 3Deluxe. All programming for the interactive projections was realized at meso.


Entering the ball you could step up to its equator to find yourself within a 360° surrounding projection. All projected content was rendered in real time. Via different interfaces like touchscreens and trackballs visitors were able to browse soccer related informations, video clips, play a quiz or send messages to the wall. The projection was realized with a 10 projector setup and was our second major boygroup.

photo: Wolfgang Stahl


In addition to the large projection there where 3 touchmonitors for the little ones to reach. They featured lovely 3d monsters animated by fiftyeight that would react to the kids touches.

photo: Wolfgang Stahl

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