Cocoon Club

for: meso digital interiors

The Cocoon Club is a project by Sven Väth et al. and is situated in Frankfurt. Its interior features 3Deluxe’s typical organic architecture and with a huge sound and video system it offers quite a unique experience to the visitor. Besides traditional club-lighting video projections on the walls surrounding the whole danceflor were planned from the beginning. It was meso’s job to create a custom vj-software fitting the special requirements of the space.

Main Club

The dancefloor has a base area in the form of a triangle, with entrances on each of the 3 corners. Every wall is being lit by 7 projectors, all together having a boygroup of 21 pcs + a server behind them, that generates the continuous images surrounding the whole space.


One of the quirks of the setup is the projection surface, which is not a plain wall, but a membrane mainly consisting of holes. Through those holes a second layer of the membrain can be seen shifted back by some centimeters.

Knowing the exact geometries of the whole membrane the system is able to project precisely onto the membranes surface or into its holes. Also the “cocoons”, rest-areas integrated into the walls, can be addressed individually by the vj.

Roomjockey Interfaces

In order for one person to control all the visuals at once, several special interfaces had to be created that communicate with the main rendering pcs (the boygroup). Additionally it was requested that video and light could be controlled by one guy, hence the name “roomjockey”. Via touchscreens the roomjockey now can change patterns, colors, textures, videos and geometries of the current scene. Animation parameters can be played and recorded (for loop-playback) in realtime and predefined sets can be or triggered to change the whole scene at once.

A vvvv-patch on the boygroup-server showing the preview rendering of one of the 3 walls:

A short pan around the club during setup showing first-test renderings on the membrane:

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