Sala Agua

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At the international Expo08 in Zaragoza/Spain spanish conglomerate group Acciona afforded themselves a huge pavillion, part of which was the Sala Agua. A hall of approx. 30m x 15m x 6m whose whole floor and one of the walls was covered in 13 projections. Mirrors on 2 sides of the hall made the space appear even bigger. Following the expos general theme of “Water and Sustainable Development” the projections told a 10min linear, partly interactive story in 5 acts that were endlessly looping.

video: m-box


All the animations during the 10 minutes (except 15 seconds of prerendered video) were generated in realtime following a timeline and triggered by the visitors interactions. All scenes were previously designed by 2d and 3d artists that exported textures and 3d models for later use within vvvv.

photo: Rainer Kohlberger


As expos are typically highly frequented the installation was designed so that it could be experienced by about 50 people at once. 10 cameras hanging from the ceiling oversaw the whole floor and a special video tracking software developed by communicated with the vvvv boygroup to tell it when and where interaction took place.

photo: Rainer Kohlberger

Highlight of the show was a scene that featured an interactive water surface filling the whole floor. By walking around or simply waving their hands people were able to disturb the water surrounding them, in a quite natural way.

impressions from during a testsetup

In another scene buds appeared on the floor and by touching them people let them grow to large roots that were realized using an L-System algorithm. Here is a first sketch of the growing root:

The next video shows a sketch of people walking around in a swirl of particles that were always avoiding them. The particles were later replaced by nicely shaded triangular geometries, as the photo below shows.


Director: Marc Tamschick
Concept: Marc Tamschick together with GPD S.A. Amaya Gonzales, Boris Micka
Visual Artists: Judith Holzer, Martin Retschitzegger, Claudia Rohrmoser, Marc Tamschick
3D Artists: Wanja Gökler, Martin Retschitzegger, Markus Egerter
VVVV Artist: Rainer Kohlberger
VVVV Programming & Consulting: Sebastian Gregor, Joreg
Interaction & Image Hardware: Gerd Trautner
Music & Sounddesign: Marc Lingk

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