Visual Symphony

for: m-box, tamschick media+space

Part of the newly reopened BMW Museum in munich is the visual symphony, a 360° audiovisual setup in the buildings so called “Schüssel”. The surrounding projection is realized with an 18 pc boygroup that can either play 18 video files in sync or show generative content.

video: m-box

All prerendered videos were realized by m-box and tamschick media+space. Music was composed by idee und klang.

Warping & Softedge

Despite the size of the project, money constraints prohibited the use of an automatic projector calibration system. Therefore warping and Softedge had to be realised manually which obviously cannot be perfect. Another thing intensifying the problem at the orverlapping projected regions (as you can see in the video above) are the different colors some of the projectors, that also were calibrated manually.

Generative Content

Due to the modular nature of vvvv, now that the basic setup is running it is possible to add different generative contents for special occasions. Here an example of a simple ambient mode projection for evening events:

The dramaturgy of this mode can be easily adjusted via remote control, resulting in an animation that ranges from a very calm and reduced sligthly twisted spiral to a turbulent stream with local and global impacts.