Airtraffic Network Simulation

for: whitevoid

The refurbished Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim houses the Lufthansa Brand Academy which should be described best by Lufthansa itself:

[..] The participants there will experience the Lufthansa brand with all their senses and become brand ambassadors. The main target groups for the Brand Academy are managers and service staff on board and ground. via: Lufthansa Investor Relations

Part of the Brand Academy is a nearly 360° surround projection inside the replication of an airport tower replacing all beveled windows by screens. For that projection space whitevoid designed an interactive 3d flight schedule viewer based on real flight data.

All flight connections of Lufthansa and its partner air lines can be explored one by one, symbolized by either their static flight nets or by their actual scheduled flights showing plane positions at any choosable simulation speed or for the current time. Possible displayed air lines include Lufthansa, German Wings, Swiss Air and the Star Alliance. A 3d mouse allows the viewer to navigate in a google-earth like fashion at any time of the simulation. Additional features include a helper button for proper camera pitch depending on the distance to the earth and a panic button driving you home from any position.

The project was realized by a vvvv boygroup with 3 clients controlling 6 screens covering 180°.

The vvvv server also did some precomputations for a fitting audio experience. Near and visible planes and towers had to be filtered out and were sent via OSC commands to the audio engine.

The highly detailed simulation & the pure mass of flights together with the diversity of possible viewing angles onto the scene demanded adding new features to vvvv, such as better text rendering in 3d, better performance of big spreads / more performant caching mechanisms for already computed data and the possibility to draw billboards and onesided shapes.

Since vvvv beta 21 everyone can make profit of these new features.


Creative Director: Christopher Bauder
VVVV Programming: Sebastian Gregor, joreg
3D Modelling: Christian Guder, Jakob Sabra
Audio Engine / Sound Design: Robert Henke

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