Magic and Storytelling

for: Marco Tempest

Onformative were approached by Marco Tempest because he liked the distinct style of their Actelion Imagery Wizard project as an inspiration for a new presentation he had in mind. The presentation was supposed to be augmented with “virtual magic” in realtime thats why onformative thought of using vvvv to realize it and in turn approached us.

Marco presented the talk first during TED 2012.

And here is a view backstage:

For additional information on the project please refer to the documentation on

Created and produced by Marco Tempest
in cooperation with onformative and checksum5

Special thanks to David Britland for his amazing script, Michael Ricar for the music and sound design. Tebjan Halm for additional vvvv programming. Enrico Viola for the relentless OF sandboxing and prototyping.
Jason Saragih for sharing his FaceTracker library. Tobias Beckwith for the voice cameos, Sherry and Matt for being amazed and to Steve Cohen for bringing Jean Robert-Houdin to life one last time.